Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Can My Team Move On Please?

Treatment team of course. Anyway I need to vent this before I slap someone. So, when I turned 18 my parents and team made me sign a contract to make sure I don't fall on my butt too often. According to this contract if I fall out of my weight range then I have one week to gain it back or I lose practice till I get back into it. Well the grace period was last week and I'm not in my range. So, technically I shouldn't be practicing this week. But I convinced my parents to let me go because I've been super stressed out and need the outlet or I'll actually go insane. Plus the whole taking something away to make it an incentive doesn't work for me. It just pisses me off which makes me want to not eat. Anyway,  I normally have to add more calories on a day with practice but my dietitian still sends me my meals for the day. So, I assumed my mom had told her I was practicing and therefore she had put in the calories like normal. But I figured I should ask. And I got like a really pissy answer back about how I should know that I have to add calories and that she should have known I was practicing and that I should be reaching out more during the day if I'm going to be confused. Like okay I get it, I broke the contract. But at the same time... I'm making an effort to make sure I hit my calories.  Don't be mad at me. My mom said she would take care of it. So don't be so annoyed when I have a question. I can't wait to not have this team in a couple months. I'm so done with them. They don't even really help anymore. I say I need help and they basically have me help myself because I know what to do but when I don't reach out they get mad because I should be asking for help. Like no. Pick a darn side.

Sorry. Rant over.

Stay Strong
xo Aria

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