Thursday, 4 August 2016

Dear God... It's Me

Don't judge me. Fair warning for the cheesiness that may ensue. 

Dear God,

Hey it's me. But i guess you knew that. I try to talk to you once a day. Sorta. I guess managing to say the Shema in under 30 seconds every night might not totally count. I don't know. Okay. Anyway. I'm kinda new to this whole thing so sorry if I don't do awesome. Im still figuring out your place in my life but so far.. I don't mind noticing it and I actually really enjoy learning about what you've given me down here. It's pretty cool. I started thinking about writing this letter yesterday when Ayelet and Mr. Ayelet told us the story about their house. They're really awesome people. And I'm really blessed to have them in my life. I wonder if they feel the same way about me. Oh well. Anyway. The more I think about things that have happened lately the more I see how nothing is a coincidence. And I'm even starting to feel comfortable recognizing the fact that it's coming from
You and not just "the universe". Like Auelet reading the story last night, and then Mrs. Gersht reading it again. Or my school processing my paperwork. Or the lease form just happening to be due when it needed to be. Even Monica texting me back today. It's so crazy. Maybe life really is like an escalator. I don't know. Im kinda worried that I'm making a mistake still but I guess that's only human. Haha the Christina Perri song called human just popped in my head. Well I guess you knew that. Oh well. Life is just good right now. Stressful but good. I'm pretty sure I should end this with like something about how awesome you are. Oh no wait... That might be the first part of prayer. Is this a prayer ? I don't know. You seem pretty cool. We should do this again sometime. Thanks for showing me that people care about me for more than just drugs or starvation secrets. It's appreciated. 

Peace out

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