Saturday, 21 March 2015

Goodbye Glee

I know that in the last couple years Glee has become a major joke to people. But as it has now ended, I'm looking back on why I started watching and why I'm proud to have kept watching the past 6 years. Glee started at the time in my life when I hated myself more than any other time I can think of. It was a weird show that talked about sex and homosexuality and things that I hadn't even started really understanding yet. But what I didn't expect was for them to help me understand who I was. I identified with Rachel and how she felt about her nose. I felt how Karovsky did when he attempted suicide. But I also loved watching them grow up and seeing that even the weird ones can make it through. I was bullied for so long. And it makes you feel so alone and like you deserve it. But Glee showed me that other people get bullied. That I could find people. Musical theatre and just music in general have always been in my life. But my cousin is the one who took lessons and was the "star" of the family. She was going to be on Broadway and is naturally incredibly skinny. Glee taught me that passion means something. That you don't have to go the conventional route to reach your dreams. But most importantly Glee showed me that fighting your dreams is ALWAYS worth the fight.

So thank you Glee. 

Stay Strong
Xo Aria

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