Tuesday, 7 January 2014

I Will Always Be Different

There's something I've realized through this process that I didn't anticipate; I am always going to look at things in a different light than those who haven't had an eating disorder. It's just a fact. I will always view people's actions and emotions,  the outside world and quite frankly everything differently. Sometimes that is really nice. I have so much empathy and so much drive. But other times it makes me realize how crazy some people are. And I don't like that part.

Let me explain.

Right now, a family I am very close with is in the middle of changing their food habits. In more ways than one. The mom is trying to make sure she doesn't gain weight (through use of a popular calorie counting app) and the youngest son cannot have fructose. The first one irks me because I used that app to count my "allowed" calories for years and it just bothers me. The second doesn't bother me because of him. It bothers me because she isn't just changing his diet, she's changing the entire house's diet and personally I find that unfair to her other son. I kinda want to like shake her and show her why it's not a good idea because her older son will get upset eventually and probably rebel against this idea. But I can't. So, I will just wait it out.

As for the other part of seeing things differently... it's amazing. I don't take my time in my sport for granted like a lot of others do and my friends are higher on my list of priorities than I am. And I appreciate normal things so much more.

Stay Strong
xo Aria

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