Sunday, 12 January 2014

Put Your Hands Down

I think I heard the title of this post at least 50 times this week. Besides the pain in my knees and back, I realized something else. Sometimes we don't know our own strength. In my case this week it meant physical strength. I was doing round - off back handsprings and let's just say I have more leg power than I thought. I kept pushing off and flipping over without my hands touching the floor, not exactly how you do the skill. At all. But after a few tries my hands would touch the ground and I got the hang of the strength I have in me. We all have unknown power within us. Mental and physical. We can all enter recovery or jump backwards. Whatever you can dream, you can do. You just have to learn to use and control it or "put your hands down". Yes, you'll fall and things will hurt but that's how you learn to land. If you don't accept it and learn to use it properly, you will never accomplish everything that you are possible of.

Basically, we are really strong. We just have to put our hands down.

Stay Strong
xo Aria

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