Tuesday, 18 November 2014

To-Do List for Now through December 1st

Ok, if you have been following me long enough then you know that every so often I post a to-do list. This normally happens when I'm feeling ridiculously overwhelmed and have way too much to do. And putting it in list form helps. The first list is just everything I have to do. The second is it all again but listed by priority. Sorry for the boring post!

  1. eat more regularly
  2. drink water or at least less caffeine
  3. english paper 1 :compare/contrast
  4. english paper 2: cause/effect
  5. english paper 3: characterization
  6. history quiz 2
  7. history article review
  8. history bibliography
  9. psych movie analysis
  10. psych experiment assignment
  11. psych advertising assignment
  12. sleep for more than 3 hours
  13. teaching class powerpoint
  14. teaching class assignments
  15. teaching class portfolio

  1. history quiz 2
  2. history article review
  3. psych movie analysis
  4. pysch advertising assignment
  5. teaching class powerpoint
  6. teaching class assignments
  7. english paper 1
  8. english paper 2
  9. history bibliography
  10. english paper 3
  11. teaching class portfolio
  12. eat more regularly
  13. drink more water
  14. sleep
  15. psych experiment assignment
I'll cross things off as I finish them. Hopefully starting tomorrow with the history stuff. 

Making lists can either be helpful or stressful. You pick.

Stay Strong
xo Aria

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