Friday, 21 November 2014

Two Years

Two years ago I put it down
Two years ago the last burn was made
Two years ago I decided to let them heal
Two years ago I wore long sleeves all the time
Two years ago I was fresh out of treatment
Two years ago I was in pain
Today I refuse to start again
Today my scrapes are not self-inflicted
Today my scars are faded
Today I can wear short sleeves
Today I have a life
Today I am still in pain, but
Today I know how to handle it.

November 22 2012. That was the last time that I self-harmed. I have wanted to. I have come close to it. I have had dreams about it. But I haven't acted. I have asked for help and made promises. Because of that, I am two years free of self-harming and my scars are almost invisible to the outside. I am so thankful to everyone that has stood by my side. Especially those who have sat with me while I have cried and made me make promises. Thank you. Without you, I wouldn't see how strong I truly am. 

Stay Strong
xo Aria

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